You Can Now Get Your Boat Tinted This Summer!

window tintingSome people just like to stand out. We can’t blame them! It’s always fun to add a bit of flare to what others deem dull. When you picture a boat, chances are you like their design but think they need a bit more character. Eco-Tints understands, which is why we offer a unique window tinting experience: we work on marine vehicles and can tint their windows!

If you’re looking to give your boat or marine vehicle an update but don’t want to break the bank, tinting is a good way to make it look different. Plus, there are practical benefits as well that make those long hours traveling at sea much more bearable for you and your passengers.

A window tinting service ensures your windows get covered in durable, quality film that blocks harmful rays. As a result, the temperature lowers. You don’t have to worry about your interior fading away because of excess heat. Your leather seating or other sensitive materials will stay intact, won’t age, and won’t get hot. The inside of your boat will be an even more comfortable escape as it cools down.

Not to mention the cost benefits. When you reduce the number of rays that come inside your window, you decrease temperature. Reduced temperature requires less energetic output from all of your pictures, which means they aren’t forced to perform as much. The result? A lower energy bill.

If you’ve ever considered window tinting, or already have it in your car or home, we suggest giving your marine vehicle a tinting. It will keep you happy at sea and make your boat an even more comforting sanctuary. If you want to learn more about our tinting services or company as a whole, give Eco-Tints a call at (413)-313-7621 and see what we can do for you today!