Myths About Window Tinting

Automotive Window TintingWhether you are a seasoned car customizer or only know little about it, chances are you have heard about vehicle window tinting. You may even have some preconceived notions about the practice and what it entails. Eco-Tints is here to remind you of some of these myths, and set the record straight about this excellent service. The following are some corrections to keep in mind. For quality window tinting in Massachusetts, you can always rely on Eco-Tints. 

MYTH: It is completely illegal.

Tinting is largely legalized, in fact! There are some areas of the country that do not embrace it, but, for the most part, it is totally permitted. It depends on where you live, and how dark you want to make your windows. Once you gather that pertinent information, you should be able to get some quality work done.

MYTH: Tinting improves aesthetics, and nothing else.

When windows are tinted, there are actually quite a few benefits for the vehicle and its owner(s). In addition to a more streamlined, cool appearance, it makes your vehicle slightly safer. The windows will absorb less UV rays, resulting in lower, more tolerable temperatures. Plus, it will prevent the vehicle interior against fading.

MYTH: Car windows are the only spaces for tinting.

Actually, there are plenty of spaces you can have tinting installed on. If you want to cool your living space down, any window in your space can get a tinting job done. Businesses can also get tinting done to their surfaces, preventing any sunlight from distracting customers. Here at Eco-Tints, we work hard to satisfy as many people as we can. If you need window tinting in Massachusetts, we’ve got you, no matter the surface.

Misconceptions are bound to happen, so this information about window tinting may come as a surprise to you. Still, we encourage you to try tinting and give your glass surface the protection and edge it needs! Eco-Tints is your one stop shop for window tinting in Massachusetts, and we would love to assist you. For more information, give us a call at (413)-313-7621!