Your Tinting Questions, Answered

window tintingChances are you’ve heard about window tinting. It’s a popular service, and we love to do it for all of our customers! Still, there may be things you don’t know about tinting and want to find out. Luckily for the curious people out there, we’re ready to answer a few questions about tinting and its effects.

Isn’t tinting dangerous?

Not if it gets done correctly and complies with the government. That’s why laws are in place and why we only use certain shades for a tint job. In some places, though, it is entirely illegal – so be sure to check up on your state’s laws to stay out of any legal trouble.

But it only works well for cars, right?

Our team is so experienced and skilled that we can apply a film to just about any glass surface! Window tinting used to be more popular on cars, but it has risen considerably in homes, marine vehicles, and more.

Are there environmentally-friendly options available?

Yes! Eco-Tints is proud to offer films that reduce carbon footprints and work exceptionally well. You can have both practical benefits and peace of mind when you choose our eco-friendly, disposable films.

What benefits does tinting offer for me?

You’ll notice a reduced glare through the windows of your vehicle or home, for starters. As the light becomes less frequent, your energy costs will go down. You’ll also feel much cooler and comfortable as temperatures drop from lack of direct light. Plus, there’s no denying it looks cool, too!

For more information and other answers, visit our FAQ page. We’re happy to help. If you require window tinting, feel free to give us a call at (413)-313-7621 and see what we can do for you today. Cars, boats, homes – you name it, we can tint it!