Additional Services Eco-Tints Can Provide

Window tinting is a service that seems fairly cut and dry, and a process with results you know of and expect when you invest in it. Cars and customization come to mind, but a skilled tinting shop can offer so much more. This is why Eco-Tints is such a quality business you can invest in.

If you are looking for something a bit more from your tinting service, we are a quality shop to visit in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Eco-Tints offers more than your average car window tint job. Below, see what else we offer and find the right tinting service for you or your business!

1.) Residential Tinting

You can count on Eco-Tints to darken your living space’s windows, and we will surely deliver excellent results to reduce the heat and keep windows from becoming overheated. They are able to work with windows in a home and give them a strong tint treatment.

This is very beneficial for the living space, but can also help the customer out as well: tinting reduces sunlight, and less UV rays entering the living space can cut down costs on an energy bill!

2.) Commercial Tinting

Tinting is more popular for residencies, but if installed in a business, it is a service that can still have plenty of potential. Eco-Tints can come to your business directly and give you the tinting job required to help cut out sunlight and give the shop space a professional aesthetic improvement to keep everything cooler and reduce UV rays.

3.) Vehicle Wraps

Tinting is not the only service Eco-Tints can do to make your car look great. We also can perform vehicle wrapping, which displays any kind of graphic/decal you would like on your vehicle with precise application. It is an efficient and unique way to advertise your business, and really helps make an impression.

The wraps are completely durable, and fade resistant, so you can count on it to last and look sharp for quite a long time.

4.) Lettering

Lettering is quite a bit like vehicle wrapping, but requires a bit more precision and is more specific. Eco-Tints use the same quality, durable wraps at their disposal to work on lettering projects and make your vehicle look vibrant and decorative as they apply graphics and designs to the car.

5.) Marine Tinting

A car is not the only vehicle people can own, and Eco-Tints can cater to different kinds of vehicles with ease. If you own a unique marine vehicle, you can still have expert tinting service(s) applied to your glass.

Eco-Tints has worked with plenty of boats and other marine vehicles to cool the surface down and prevent too much sun from damaging the highly visible property.

Eco-Tints are here to help you with any kind of glass tinting service you require, catering to a variety of surfaces and demographics with quality results. In addition, vehicles can get lettering and wrap treatments.

So, if you need some tinting done, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (413)-313-7621!