Why You Should Choose Eco-Tints

There are plenty of tinting businesses out there to service all kinds of glass. Since it is a popular service, making a name for yourself and staying distinguished is no easy feat. Staying ahead of the pack is key, and you want to invest your time and money in a company you can trust.

If you are looking to get window tinting, you should seriously consider Eco-Tints. There are plenty of reasons you should choose us if you live in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Observe what makes Eco-Tints great below!


1.) Experience

For a service as delicate as tinting, you want to invest in someone who knows what it is all about and how to practice it efficiently. Eco-Tints is home to plenty of employees and experts in tinting who have had ample experience in the industry, and who will do your job the right way, to your satisfaction.


2.) Variety of Services

Eco-Tints does not limit our talents to servicing only vehicles. We also do work on commercial surfaces, marine vessels, and more. If there is glass available to be tinted, Eco-Tints will be able to provide you with quality service.

In addition to our variety of services, Eco-Tints will perform these practices with excellent and convenient customer service. We will meet you at your place of business to keep things simple.


3.) Eco-Friendly

It’s in the name, after all, and part of our mission statement! Everyone wants to help out our lovely planet in small ways, and there are plenty of ways to do so in every day life. It is important to be a conscious consumer and utilize services that are friendly to the Earth.

All of the film used by us is eco-friendly and made well, so you can be assured that there is plenty of care taken when you have your tint job done in terms of both appearance and sustainability.


4.) Energy Reductive Properties

Not only will a window tint job reduce heat as it makes contact with glass surfaces, but it can also save you money on your energy bill. When you install Eco-Tints wrap, you are installing a high quality product that will filter sunlight efficiently. As a result, you are working with much less energy coming into your home, and a reduced energy bill.


5.) Quality Product

You can have plenty of confidence in the product Eco-Tint offers. It will stay fade and weather resistant, and stay on your glass for plenty of time. The film used is vibrant, made well, and can filter light very effectively. There is no room for cheap or flimsy wrap when you work with Eco-Tints!



If you need your vehicle, home, or other glass surface wrapped, you can rely on Eco-Tints to satisfy your needs. We have quality product, energy efficient application, and quality customer service that you can trust in. Be sure to visit us when you are in need of a window tinting service in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Call them at (413)-313-7621!